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NSF unveils plan to make scientific papers free (not)


If ever there was a good example of what Open Access is not, it is by reading the latest policy plan released by the National Science Foundation(NSF). Their policy is to direct readers via PAGES (Public Access Gateway for Energy and Science) to the journal publisher websites where they can read the full text articles. “PAGES will contain abstracts, authors, and other metadata, but not the full-text paper. Instead, PAGES will provide a link to the full-text paper on the publisher’s website. In the future, NSF may allow open access to full-text papers through other repositories.”  The CEO of the American Institute of Physics and a board member of a coalition of publishers that runs CHORUS (Clearinghouse for the Open Research of the United States), states, “This is a very good way without having to duplicate existing infrastructure,”. If he is speaking about the publishers websites as “existing infrastructure”, then i say NO, for which ever way you cut the cake the publishers still get the bigger slice. I can understand if the NSF will not take up the responsibility of hosting and managing their own repository but this is playing right into the hands of the publishers. If this is the new meaning of Open Access then it is a death sentence.  Read More…


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