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Text & Data Mining


According to Maurizio Borghi, on the site, Copyright User.com gives the following explanation for what is text & data mining.

“The electronic analysis of large amounts of copyright works allows researchers to discover patterns, trends and other useful information that cannot be detected through usual ‘human’ reading. This process, known as ‘text and data mining’, may lead to knowledge which can be found in the works being mined but not yet explicitly formulated. For example, the processing of data contained in a large collection of scientific papers in a particular medical field could suggest a possible association between a gene and a disease, or between a drug and an adverse event, without this connection being explicitly identified or mentioned in any of the papers.” Read more…

The Carnegie Mellon University Libraries on TDM – Read more…

Elsevier on what is TDM –  Read more…

CrossRef has pre-recorded webinars on TDM – Read more…

LIBER Europe on TDM – Read more…

Hague Declaration on TDM – Read more…

Wiley Online Library on TDM – Read more…


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